GFX Engine is a Web3D game engine powered by HTML5 and WebGL developed by GFX.

GFX Engine Features
• Browser technology
• ES6 language with the ability to convert to ES5
• Ability to use only Canvas without other HTML for performance purposes
• Efficient javascript code thanks to ActionScript 3 optimization experience
• Flexibility of rendering settings
• Energy efficiency due to single-threading and optimal shaders

• Math — mathematical tools
• Core — interface for working with WebGL
• 3D — visualization of a three-dimensional scene
• 2D — interactive 2d hierarchy system drawn by GPU
• Collision — collision detection mechanisms
• Sound — sound system in three-dimensional space
• Animation — tracks, blending, beziers, quaternions, slerp
• Utils — loaders, parsers, etc.

Detailed presentation of the engine in pdf format: GFX Engine EN