World of Machines Demo

World of Machines is an online third-person shooter set in a post-apocalyptic machine war setting. The two demos showcase different playable levels with a bot enemy that can be fought with two types of weapons.

Faceta Demo

Tetris puzzle about a student of a magic school who is on duty in the classroom, removing spiders, cockroaches and other animals. There are several levels, different types of game objects and magic.


The exhibition was created by order of the Government of the Perm Territory and the Morion Digital technopark. Companies took part Fotonica, Innfocus, Trivium, Morion Digital, Biot, Promo Bot, Yamagoo, Online Expo, Ujin and us, GFX. You can view the exhibition with a free camera and go to each virtual stand of the represented companies.


An interactive presentation was prepared in the shortest possible time for the advertising campaign of the new product of Oral-B. The exhibition contains booths with information, research and videos, a demonstration of the functions and operation of the electric toothbrush, as well as a contest-survey.

Global Online EXPO

Interactive exhibitions for the Online EXPO company that took part in the WEB Summit 2020. The first presentation is about the Online EXPO company, the second one is about the natural juice producer KRAL. It is possible to view the exhibition with a free camera, there are interactive stands with information and videos.


SWISSEDU+ is engaged in attracting Russian clients for educational institutions in Switzerland. On her request, an interactive exhibition was created that combines the theme of the Swiss Alps and modern High-Tech style. There is a free camera and several information stands.

3D model “Complex IVE-50”

For the presentation of the measuring complex, in addition to the specifications, an accurate 3D model was created. Due to the versatility of the GFXEngine, the model was equally demonstrated both on PC and on mobile devices, which helped in promoting the product.